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What’s Grand Rapids Dog Adventures?

Perhaps a better question than “What’s Grand Rapids Dog Adventures?” is “Who’s Grand Rapids Dog Adventures?” Learn a bit about who we are, our approach to canine fitness, and our values!

I’m Eve Wrest, the owner of GR Dog Adventures.

May people ask “What’s Grand Rapids Dog Adventures?”.  Well, we can’t separate who we are from what we do! So let’s talk about both ok?

Together with my husband, Brian, and our small team of dedicated athletes, we’re giving the urban dogs of Grand Rapids the active and adventurous lives they deserve.

At GR Dog Adventures, we’re distance runners, athletes, outdoor zealots and absolute dog lovers!

You can often find us running, hiking or mountain biking the local trails or exploring the beautiful terrain of West Michigan… and, of course, enjoying some trail-side treats with our four-legged friends.

We absolutely love what we do…there is no better job in the world!  We get to spend our days running, hiking, walking and playing in the great outdoors with man’s best friend.

Our canine clients will always come first, but the relationship we build with you is the foundation of our business.

Our team is made up of some of the most incredible people you will ever meet and it is an absolute privilege to work alongside them on a daily basis.

We will continually work to build your confidence, respect and loyalty towards us. We hope to have a lasting relationship with you and your pup!

Eve Wrest, Owner, Grand Rapids Dog Adventures with Eddie

Our Approach to Canine Fitness

Dogs love to run!  They were made for adventure!  If you have a puppy, a senior, a giant or a toy, they probably have a slower version of adventure in mind, but they love to get out there and explore just the same. Just because you’re living a busy professional life, doesn’t mean your dog can’t have a great life, right alongside you.

Your pup may be a muscular, canine athlete, just waiting for a running partner. Maybe your buddy is happy exploring his world in slow-motion.  Many of you have pups that are soft, leisure-loving canine couch potatoes needing a consistent partner to become healthier, happier versions of themselves.

Whatever your dog’s fitness level is now, we will work with you to design a fun program that’s just right for your best friend.  A strong heart, healthy bones and joints, lower anxiety/depression and weight management are all key to helping your dog live a long, adventurous and happy life.

Why is GRDA my best choice?

Our services are designed to get your urban dog the fresh air, exercise and attention he needs. We hike local trails, run through scenic parks and neighborhoods, and explore the local terrain, always keeping your pup’s safety and enjoyment our top priority.

No more feeling guilty about leaving your best friend behind.  Your dog will be happy and tired when you come home!

  • Fun, high-energy canine workouts right from your doorstep
  • Proven Emotional/Physical benefits for your dog
  • The first step to solving “City Dog” problems
    (overweight/ hyper/ anxious/ destructive dogs)
  • Workouts designed to fit your dog’s current fitness level
  • Mix and match Canine Running, Hiking & Walking sessions
  • Simple, convenient, 24/7 online scheduling and payment
  • Dog First Aid/CPR trained and always prepared for emergencies

Simply put, we are more than a Grand Rapids dog walker; we provide dog running, hiking, AND walking services to the professional community of Grand Rapids.

What if my dog is lazy?

No dog is naturally lazy!  Most breeds have been bred over many generations to work alongside humans.  They’re built to hunt, track, dig, swim, fetch, herd, run and pull.  Currently, their most popular job is to be a couch potato.  Toy breeds and very large breeds, however, are generally content with little exercise.  Dogs, like humans, will become lazy and depressed (or hyper and “crabby”) if they don’t get enough exercise.  If your dog hasn’t had much exercise up to this point, we can begin with short walks and plenty of play-time.  We will safely build up your dog’s fitness level so that he can enjoy a much happier, much longer life with you.

Working with a trainer already?

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise will make training much easier!

Jenn Gavin, (A Pleasant Dog) says:

“One of the first things I ask my clients who come to me with behavioral problems is “How much exercise is your dog getting?”  Most behavioral problems can be significantly reduced through sufficient exercise and stimulation.  High energy breeds like Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Border Collies simply cannot function without.  A tired dog really is a good dog.”

-Jenn Gavin is a Professional Dog Trainer focused on training Grand Rapids dogs for life in the city.

What about doggie daycare?

Our services are a great complement to quality daycare for your urban dog!  If your pup enjoys socializing with his four-legged peers, then a quality daycare can be a wonderful choice!  However, like children, some dogs are very anxious in a daycare setting. Depending on your dog’s age and temperament, an all day, every day daycare setting may be overstimulating and overwhelming. With so many dogs, large play groups and on-going noise, it can become stressful for some dogs. You know your dog and will make the best decisions regarding her health and happiness.

Some clients with “social butterflies” choose to give their dog a couple of days of our running/walking/hiking services and a couple of days at a great daycare.  This way, their dog receives the health and behavioral benefits of regular, focused exercise while getting the socialization that they crave.  Alternately, many clients choose to keep their dog in his familiar surroundings. They break up his day with a fun workout and time with his BFF and love that he will be returned to his peaceful home when he’s done.

Ask for Daycare recommendations.  We’d be happy to help!

How does exercising my dog benefit us both?

Lonely, sedentary days will be replaced with high-energy, heart-pumping fun!   But if that’s not enough of a reason for you, consider these benefits:

  • less city dog problems- barking, destruction, anxiety, depression
  • Weight loss
  • Better leash manners
  • Makes training easier
  • Plenty of attention
  • A ton of fun for your dog!
  • Socialization…or not. Your choice.
  • Less stiff joint pain
  • No drop-offs or pick-ups
  • Saves you valuable time- You can go out after work!!
  • You won’t feel guilty
What kind of dogs does GRDA take?

We exercise many different kinds of dogs, especially condo-dwelling, urban dogs who need regular, daily exercise and a BFF to call their own. We don’t descriminate based on breed and we won’t turn your “Behaviorally challenged” pup away. Heck, your four-legged friend will be noticably happier, healthier, and calmer, soon after starting a regular running, walking or hiking program. Urban dogs just need to get their move on.

We also have great success with:

  • Overweight dogs
  • Anxious or depressed dogs
  • High-energy or hyper dogs

Guiding Principles

Whether running, walking or hiking, if your pup is new to a regular fitness routine, please consider the following:

  • City dogs need to get their move on just like their rural counterparts.
  • Begin slow and gradually increase the mileage and vary the terrain.
  • Consistent daily workouts will keep your pup happy and healthy.
  • Incorporate rest days into your dog’s fitness program.
  • Proper nutrition provides mental and physical benefits…like energy for our runs!
  • Regular veterinarian exams are an important part of keeping your dog healthy.

Enough about us... we'd love to hear about you and your dog!

Click here to tell us about you two...or three, or four, or more!
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