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GR Dog Adventures Reviews!

Real dogs, real owners, and real feedback for GR Dog Adventures dog running, dog hiking, and dog walking services in Grand Rapids.

I cannot even come close to expressing the overwhelming gratitude I have for GR Dog Adventures!!! Eve Wrest has such an amazing commitment to her runners and the dogs!! My 80-pound moody rescue hound has become more friendly, outgoing and so much more HAPPY since


he has been having an adventure 3 times a week!! His adventurer, Jill Martindale, is absolutely amazing!! I have never met someone who has so much energy, enthusiasm and the crazy ability to make every day loads of fun!! She and my dog Woody have a great time no matter what the weather is!! We have met several other of the runners (Emma was a fantastic house sitter!!) and they all are really fun, enthusiastic people who totally love dogs. There are many days that I am jealous of how much fun my dog is having when I am stuck at work. I think these guys need to start having adventures for people too!!! Thank you Eve and Jill so very much!! I am so grateful to you and Jill for bringing such joy to my big dog!!!
Lyn Hulst- East Grand Rapids, MI


Dog Running in East Grand Rapids

“I am one of those crazy dog people that treats my dog like a child. So it is very hard for me to find reliable pet care and pet walkers that I trust and are affordable. GR Dog Adventures has completely exceeded any and all of my expectations. They LOVE what they do and it shows! Their business is run like


a well oiled machine and there dog walkers are kind, trustworthy, compassionate people. My golden is so in love with the women who walks her that she cries with happiness when she sees her, and pouts when she drives away. I feel very fortunate that I found them.
Meghan Howard- Cascade, MI Mabel

Dog Hiking in Cascade

I am so lucky to have found such a great group of dog lovers to help with Apollo! I’ve been VERY happy with the service and the experience provided by GR Dog Adventures. Apollo loves to have his time with Michael and this is definitely a unique outlet for his energy. I especially love the fact that I can trust Apollo


is well taken care of because of the photo and status updates after every visit. Thank you guys for being so dependable for my little man:).
Sara Gonzalez- Grand Rapids, MI Apollo

Dog Walking in Grand Rapids

Outstanding! My 15 year old Australian Shepherd mix and I have been clients for nearly a year and could not be happier! Service is exceptional. Professional, reliable, accommodating dog lovers. 


They have gone above and beyond. I truly feel like my senior dog’s quality of life is better with this team in her life:) Wish I did it sooner!
April Kahler- Kentwood, MI


Dog Running/Dog Walking in Kentwood

Giggs LOVES his hikes! In case you can’t tell by the enthusastic greeting you get at the door, you are one of his favorite people. You do an excellent job of wearing out my energetic Border Collie! The hiking, swimming, and running keeps him mentally and physically stimulated and you are 100% reliable. 


It’s also a great relief to me to know that he will be getting good exercise at least once a week. We try to at least get some ball throwing/walk in every day, but it’s by no means the amount of exercise a border collie needs so it’s great to know that we can count on you. I haven’t weighed him for a while, but the last time we were at the vet, he was down about five pounds (we’re hoping to lose 10), so he’s on the right track.
Chris & Stephanie Kreft- Grand Rapids, MI Giggs

Dog Hiking/Dog Running in Grand Rapids

I’ve loved having Kent come to take Otis on runs so far! I think that Otis is starting to expect him on the days he comes. Otis always seems really happy after he comes home and I really appreciate the pictures Kent takes with him on their adventures. I really like the online portal and the journal posts that Kent does. I’ll definitely be recommending your


business to my friends around town in the future. I’m sure I’ll be using your runners for Otis for a long time to come!
Kelly Armstrong- Rockford, MI Otis

Dog Running in Rockford

Jenny has been fantastic for Lulu – a boxer rescue with a lot of energy. The commitment goes way beyond just running the dog. When we lost our other dog to cancer, she noticed how down Lulu was and brought her own dog along so Lulu could have some doggie company. It has worked wonders. Peggy Gaegauf- East Grand Rapids, MI


Dog Running in East Grand Rapids

It’s great when you move to a new city and can find someone like GR Dog Adventures to help you out when you travel! They (Eve) took great time getting to know us and our kitties and was so sweet to them that when we got back, they acted as if we’d just gone to the grocery store. I highly recommend


GR Dog Adventures for their professionalism, kindness, and pet-loving attitude!
Jen Couture- Grand Rapids, MI

Marie & Missy

Pet-sitting in Grand Rapids

As the owners and operators of three local businesses, our family is finding daily schedules very difficult to keep. Long days at work were definitely taking a toll on our already high-strung Chow, Mitzu. We knew more attention and


exercise would help, but were leery in attempting to find someone, given Mitzu’s very unpredictable, sometimes nippy nature. Eve could not have done a better job in getting to know Mitzu and very quickly becoming her best friend. From the very beginning, Eve handled the entire situation with extreme patience, professionalism and sincere caring for Mitzu and our family. Eve has been with us for several months and the improvement in Mitzu’s overall well-being is remarkable. She has more energy, is much more approachable and has even stopped aggravating a hot spot we had been challenged with for months! Eve has never missed a day, even in this brutal Michigan weather! She sends us wonderful pictures of Mitzu on her daily adventures and we look forward to her daily notes, filliing us in on the events of the day. We consider Eve a part of our family and cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to know that when we’re running late getting home, our furry family member is being loved and taken care of as well, or better, than if we were there ourselves. We highly recommend Eve for anyone with hectic schedules and beloved pets and welcome calls or emails from anyone considering a dog walking service, if there are specific questions.
Marti and Jerry Despres Ada, MI Mitzu

Dog Walking in Ada

After their first run: “My dogs have never been this worn out before!! I am overjoyed. I think this is going to be wonderful for both of them. Kasy is terrific and my pups love her. Can’t wait to see the extra pounds come off them. Blaze just woke up (4 hours after his run). He’s been asleep since Kasy brought him home !!!” 


They have a lofty weight loss goal of 24 pounds between the two them! ​Update after 5 weeks of running sessions: ​I just got back from the Vet and you are not going to believe it. Blaze has lost 7 1/2 pounds !!!!!! That averages out to a pound a week. I’m so grateful that Kim (from Kim’s K9s) told me about your business. I’m a huge fan of what you do for my best buddies. Thank you so much.
Elizabeth Wright- Grand Rapids, MI Blaze and Asia

Dog Running in Grand Rapids

GR Dog Adventures has had such a positive impact on our dogs Bailey and Rock.  No more accidental wetting while we’re at work.  Both dogs have lost weight and muscled-up.  A  huge amount of stress has been lifted because we’re not texting one another to see who will be home first to let the dogs out.  No more speeding tickets


to hurry home to let the dogs out.   The dogs aren’t as crazy hyper when we get home because they’ve burned off energy on their daily runs in the woods.  Most of all, they are happier…and so are we!  A great investment!  They are extremely dependable and professional.  Found them on Google.  The Bell Family couldn’t be happier.
Pam Bell- Belmont, MI Rock and Bailey

Dog Walking in Belmont

We’re very happy with how the running has been going!!! We love seeing the pictures and videos that Jenny sends of the dogs out and about having a good time. Plus, we’ve already noticed they’re much calmer (after 2 weeks) in the evenings! Maegan Hatfield-Eldred- Grand Rapids, MI Dusty and Bella

Dog Running in Grand Rapids

I tell everyone about you! Also, in the last five months, Mya has lost 6 lbs! I attribute that to her runs with Michael …she loves him! Her vet was very happy with her weight lose yesterday! Thanks for the great service!

Jamie Smith- Grand Rapids, MI Mya

Dog Running in Grand Rapids

I was worried about meeting the minimum of 2 walks/week…but THANKFULLY you guys worked with me on that. I love the feedback/follow up I receive after each appointment – where you walked, with pictures and a description – that is great! At the end of the day, I know my dogs are being well taken care of and I have the option of walks or runs which is nice! Lauren Nowak- Ada, MI Izzy and Stella

Dog Walking in Ada

LOVE THEM. I don’t know what I did before GR Dog Adventures. They run our 2 dobermans twice a week and it has been such a blessing. I now feel guilt free:) Kim Bode- Grand Rapids, MI

Apollo & Murphy

Dog Running in Grand Rapids

GR Dog Adventures has been a true blessing! I was relocated to GR for work and was worried about long hours in a new job. But Eve, Danielle and Rebekah have been awesome and put my mind at ease! They make sure Mila gets her daily dose of exercise if I cannot get out for a run or long walk. Mila loves her


time with the GR Dog Adventures crew and I love getting updates after their visit! They have also been super helpful by giving me tips for fun places to go in Grand Rapids! I would strongly recommend them!! They go out of their way to make sure you and your furry friend are taken care of!
Sarah Bell- Cascade, MI


Dog Running & Walking in Cascade

My main concern was having someone I didn’t know come into my house! Its an uneasy feeling! Also, I didn’t know if it would be enough to wear out my puppy for the day. Elissa is really great! I love the journal and the picture! And Charlee seems to be getting better being on leash!


She seems to like walking with me a little more! I think its totally worth it. It makes me feel less guilty for leaving my puppy in her kennel all day. And it tires her out!
Aundrea Amyuni- Grand Rapids, MI Charlee

Dog Walking in Grand Rapids

I’m really happy with the process/logistics/etc.. Everything seems to run very smoothly. You are very easy to get in touch with and you have handled everything I’ve thrown at you (vet, groomer, etc.) flawlessly. Sara is awesome and Moosie loves her. I’m very happy! Laurie Shanker- Ada, MI Moosie and Lola

Dog Running in Ada

I just wanted to let you know how Impressed I have been with your service!! I love all the information and photos. It looks like Zoe is always having a great time. Melanie Jansen- Ada, MI Zoe

Dog Running in Ada

I was concerned with cost, but I have loved working with GRDA!  I have had amazing walkers, and Cookie loves them. She has her lovely waistline back! Both of us are very happy! I like being able to communicate via email, and Eve is so responsive. I recommend GRDA whenever I can!

Marisa Fahnenstiel- Cascade, MI Cookie

Dog Walking in Cascade

As much as we hate to admit it, Jill, our 8 yo Australian Shepard, is our real-life “fur baby”.  Jill really looks forward to her running dates with Eve.  She gets so excited whenever she pulls up!  It’s been a great experience for Jill and we really appreciate how running helps her keep her weight down and decreases the stiffness in her joints.  


On the days she goes running, she is tired out and noticeably more relaxed.  Eve has been extremely reliable and professional from the beginning and obviously loves what she does!

Laurie & Fred Martin


Dog Running/Dog Walking in Grand Rapids

I wasn’t confident letting people in the house while I was gone, but we’ve been very happy with our service and the ongoing updates- really builds confidence. I would recommend- we have LOVED our runner! Ginny Seyferth- Grand Rapids, MI

Oakley and Bogey

Dog Running in Grand Rapids

I love GR Dog Adventures! Eve does a wonderful job with Clark, my stubborn little Shih Tzu who wasn’t the best walker with my husband and I. The pictures she emails me from the Pet Care Journal shows a very happy dog who is actually enjoying being outside. It’s so convenient to have someone come


in and out of my home without us being there since we both work all day. It might be hard for some people to trust a stranger coming into their home, but after we met with Eve, it wasn’t an issue. You can tell she has a passion for what she does and loves dogs. It’s an affordable way to put our minds at ease a couple times of week that my dog is getting the attention he needs. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Courtney Skinner- Comstock Park, MI

Clark Griswold

Dog Walking in Comstock Park

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