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Where To Begin? / How is running better than walking or going to doggie daycare?

Dogs are born to run…they absolutely love it! It’s good for them both mentally and physically. Some breeds only enjoy a short jog around the block, while other breeds can easily run 10-15 miles at one time. Most healthy dogs can comfortably run 3-7 miles, depending on age, breed and external conditioins such as weather and terrain. Although walking is good exercise, it’s not sufficient exercise for a dog that typically needs a minimum of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise per day.

Your dog needs to get his heart rate up and burn off his excess canine energy in order to achieve a healthy weight and optimal fitness level. One good running session, with his partner’s undivided attention, will leave him happier, healthier and more tired out than all day at the best daycare. After a great workout, we’ll bring him back to his peaceful home, where he can take a much-deserved snooze in his very own bed.

However, we are a great complement to quality daycare! If your pup enjoys socializing with his four-legged peers, then a quality daycare is the perfect outlet for this energy! Many clients choose to give their dog a couple of days of our running/walking/hiking services and a couple of days at a great daycare. This way, your dog will receive the health and behavioral benefits of regular exercise while getting the social outlet many dogs crave. Ask for Daycare recommendations. We’d be happy to help!


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