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Where To Begin? / Why should I choose GR Dog Adventures?

Our goal is simple: Happy. Tired. Dogs. We want to be the best we can be, not the biggest. We’re not right for everyone and we don’t try to be, but for the right clients, we bring our absolute best. We serve busy professionals and we do it with excellence.

We run a very professional business with high ethical standards and sound business practices. Your dog’s health, safety and happiness will always be our number one priority. Our relationship with you is a very close second. We are a full-time business, with client trust and satisfaction being the foundation for our success.

We pride ourselves on providing a valuable, dependable and convenient service for you and your dog. We regularly update our skills and continue to learn about anything dog-related. We’re bonded and insured and belong to the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence. We are trained in canine first aid and CPR, prepared for emergencies and know where the emergency vet clinics are.

We are able to hire highly-motivated, committed and trustworthy athletes by paying them a higher than average wage. We carefully screen our runners and only hire people we’d trust our own pets with. You will always get the full walk or run time that you paid for. We donate our time and money to local animal causes, including (not limited to) the Bissell Pet Foundation, The Humane Society of West Michigan, C-Snip and Keiffer’s Rescue Center.

We provide a service that will save you time, and in the long run, save you money and most likely add happy years to your dog’s life. We are proud of the success stories with our clients. We’ve had dogs go off their anti-anxiety/depression meds, become less “crabby” and experience significant weight loss after a few weeks or months of getting on a serious exercise routine. We have senior dogs who are less stiff and more playful and energetic than before they started with us. Senior pet-izens do NOT have to be lethargic, achy and depressed. They can have longer, happier lives with regular exercise to stimulate their body, mind and soul.

We are the first and only professional dog running/hiking company in the Grand Rapids area. We are friendly, serious about our work and wholeheartedly believe in what we do!


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