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JennyMaskLuluObviously, I’m biased. I spend a LOT of hours every week running, walking and hiking with dogs. Our whole team does, and yes, we’re beyond lucky!!! Because of this, we get to know, love and appreciate each of our fur-friends for their unique personalities, temperaments, physical talents and crazy quirks…though I’m not sure who’s quirkier- us or the dogs??

I often get asked what it’s like running with dogs every day, so here you go!


6 ways being a dog runner beats running alone:

  1. Our furry friends are always ready to go for a run! Unlike our human running partners who are too cold, too hot, hungover, ate the wrong breakfast and would rather be in the bathroom, too tired, too depressed…and on and on. It’s a mystery how a dog can be snoozing away and the second they hear the key in the lock or the running leash come out, they go insane- from zero to completely out of their mind ecstatic in a split second. Why can’t I do that?!
  2. The dogs don’t take one second for granted. They’re not making a mental to-do list, focused on their GPS or recording memos in to their phone as they run. Every sight, smell and sound along the way is the best sight, smell and sound they’ve ever EVER encountered! Their enthusiasm never wavers and their loyalty to the cause is never in question. If I ever start feeling tired or out of it for whatever reason, I’m quickly reminded of how much fun I should be having…and as a result, I actually DO have that much fun;).
  3. We form a very special bond as running paw-tners;). I look forward to their happy, tail-wagging, slobbery wet greetings and look forward to working with each one for different reasons. They all bring their own challenges and delights to my job and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Some have weight-loss goals, some are tightly wound balls of energy that needs an outlet, some are hyper, anxious or reactive and need focused daily exercise to calm them, some are very old and trying to keep the arthritis pain at bay and some just need a little TLC to break up their day. They’re all beyond happy to see youJ.
  4. You are bettering their lives in measurable ways! Going off their anti-anxiety meds, losing weight, becoming calmer and easier to live with at home are all huge rewards to us as their exercise partners. Knowing I had a part in these changes is a great feeling! Running for your own health seems like drudgery some days, but running for the health and happiness of my four-legged friends is fun and purposeful.
  5. You get to explore the beautiful trails, paths and parks that are all over Grand Rapids. I thought I knew where most of these were before starting this business, but I was wrong! I still discover new hidden trails on a regular basis and it always makes my day when I do. Plus, I usually grab some great pictures of my fur-friend exploring the new trail.
  6. You become part of that secret “Dog Runner Club” that makes you instant comrades with every other dog runner out thereJ. You may have nothing else in common, but you love running and you love the outdoors and you love dogs…what else do you need?

So there you have it- a glimpse in to the world of dog running- why I do it and why it beats running alone!


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