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eveWrest_EddieOh, there are so many stories to tell! Some are funny. A lot are beyond sweet. Some are really disgusting! Most of them revolve around the fun, and sometimes gross, day to day moments of being a dog runner, walker and hiker. ALL of them include great people and even better fur-friends.

Our team is made up of quirky, crazy, awesome people who have plenty of their own stories to share with you, and hopefully, this blog will make them feel pressured and guilted in to doing so;).

Our senior-est pup, Moguls, inspired this first post. Unfortunately, this one is going to fall in to the disgusting category, but as pet-parents yourself, it’s probably status quo for you!

I mention a lot on social media that I LOVE senior pets! Their gentleness and kind spirits make me want to bring them all home and pile them in my lap for a big snuggle fest. However, we already have three dogs- two VERY senior dogs at 15 and 16 and a 4 year old, so we have our hands full for now. Oh yeah, and a few human boys running around here as well;).

As I was thinking about what to write about this morning for our first post on our newly launched Doggie Bloggie, I heard Moguls (16yo Beagle/Jack Russell mix) hacking under the table, which has become a daily morning thing of his. He’s got a lot of “things” these days.

When I looked down to pet him, I saw him in that awkwardly embarrassing poop pose that dogs do. He has been having accidents for the last year, especially as his doggie dementia has worsened, so I wasn’t too alarmed. But… today was different.

After he finished, he turned around and ate it! Yep. You read that correctly. I’ve heard of other dogs doing this and I’ve witnessed many dogs trying to dine on various varieties of poop- deer, rabbit, dog, goose. However, I’ve never gotten a front row seat like this before.

You may be thinking that you could have gone your whole life without hearing that, but how could I deprive all of you of that morsel of information? That nugget of entertainment? There are so many great subjects or stories I could have written about as we pioneer the blogosphere, but I thought it was so fitting that I kick it off by setting just the right tone. That way, you won’t expect too much from us in the future;).

Just kidding! We will do our best to make you laugh and bring you great information as we tell stories, bring on guests and open our hearts to you through our new Doggie Bloggie!

AND…you’ll know we won’t hold any of the juicy details back! Maybe, we’ll even give you an explanation someday as to why dogs eat poop.

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