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Providing dog running, walking and hiking services to the busy professionals of Grand Rapids, MI.

Let us give your pup a real workout so you can stop feeling guilty!

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More than a dog walker!

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Dog running, dog hiking, and dog walking in Grand Rapids.

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Happy. Tired. Dogs.™

Each session is GPS mapped so you can see the fun your pup had.

Do you feel guilty working long hours while your pup is home alone with nothing to do? Do you wish your dog could enjoy a nice workout, plenty of fresh air and a social life of his own? Have you been looking for the best Grand Rapids dog walker…or maybe, something more? We are GR Dog Adventures (aka GRDA), the premier dog running company in Grand Rapids.  At GR Dog Adventures, we make life better for your dog and easier for you. We specialize in exercising urban pups through our running, walking and hiking services.


Enjoy coming home to a happy, tired dog OR enjoy the freedom to work late or head out with your friends. Our athletes design fun workouts around your pup’s current fitness level, couch potatoes to athletes welcome!  A leisurely stroll? An invigorating hike? A heart-pumping run? Weight loss? We’ve got you covered. Choose any combination of running, hiking or walking to best fit your dog’s needs.  Of course, we can build up to more challenging workouts as your dog’s conditioning improves. We come to you…no worrying about drop-off or pick-up times. Our number one priority is to give your dog a great workout, a ton of outdoor fun and a large dose of one-on-one attention.  Our four-legged clients benefit from healthier, happier days and their owners benefit from more flexibility and less guilt. Meet OUR ATHLETES!


What’s it like to be part of GR Dog Adventures?

Watch this 90 second video to find out.



“The improvement in her overall well-being is remarkable. She has more energy, is much more approachable and has even stopped aggravating a hot spot we had been challenged with for months!”

Marti and Jerry Despres
Ada, MI



“Giggs loves his hikes!!!  You do an excellent job of wearing out my energetic Border Collie! The hiking, swimming, biking and running keeps him mentally and physically stimulated and you are 100% reliable.  He’s aleady down 5 pounds!

Stephanie & Chris Kreft
Grand Rapids

Here’s How It Works

Schedule a FREE Meet-And-Greet


We will get to know each other, evaluate your dog’s fitness level and happily answer your questions.

Choose Your Days

Choose your days and any combination of dog walking, running or hiking.

What About Keys?

We will give you a lock box to securely store your key for your runner/walker.  You decide where you want to put it- on your front door, attached it to your fence, on your back porch, or hidden anywhere on your property. If there isn’t a place to attach a lock box, we can talk about other options.


We Come to Your Dog

We will come to your home on your dog’s scheduled days. After a playful hello, we’ll leash up you pup and head out for the day’s workout. We’ll return your dog, tired and happy, to his peaceful home. We always clean dirty paws! After each visit, a journal will be emailed to you, letting you know how it went. They include a GPS mapped route and action shots of your pup having fun!

We’re more than a Grand Rapids Dog Walker

We have worked hard to make our service easy to use and a perfect complement to your downtown lifestyle, including convenient 24/7 scheduling, invoicing and payment. There are no contracts- you can try us for two weeks, paying nothing if you’re not completely satisfied. Imagine no more feeling guilty. Your dog will be well-loved & well-exercised and you will save valuable time…no drop-offs, pick-ups or lunch-time potty breaks.  You can enjoy going out after work. Guilt-free. Want more than a Grand Rapids dog walker?  That’s us!

Our Service Area:

Our services are designed for the urban lifestyle of downtown GR professionals:

  • Heritage Hill
  • Heartside
  • Ridgemoor
  • Riverside Park
  • Michgan Oaks

Other GR Communities we serve:

  • East Grand Rapids
  • Ada
  • Cascade
  • Rockford

Just ask, if your community is not listed!

More than a dog walker in Grand Rapids, we provide dog running, walking and hiking services to fit your downtown Grand Rapids lifestyle.

The pictures are in from the Cannonsburg Deck Paw-ty and Woof Walk (link below)! Thanks to everyone who braved the Heat! I think the doggie pool station was my favorite! Grumpy Pups Pet Photography does a fantastic job ❤❤❤. beer, cutie-pie dogs, long and short trail hikes, doggie pools, food off the grill and live music! Join us tomorrow for the Cannonsburg Deck Paw-ty!
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